Kevin Deeny




A summer's swim in the Delaware River turned toward tragedy for Marcus Kenrick. Saved by his brother's call, he remains quiet about his near-death experience. As he explores its meaning, he grows to be a man with an uncommon capacity to heal and unrelenting curiosity to understand its potential. During a day's hike to photograph waterfalls, his capacity to heal fails him and he is unable to prevent the death of a five-year-old drowning victim and questions its purpose. As Marcus explores the source for the healing he experiences, he touches many lives in his small Pennsylvania town and begins a broader awakening.


Reflections from Levittown

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Levittown Pennsylvania is a solidly middle-class/working-class suburb of Philadelphia. The 'sense-of-place' derived from this middle-class neighborhood permeates the essays with a perspective on issues in the wider world. The writings present observations with humor, humility, awe, and sometimes with gentle scolding; all with a hopeful intent.

As many of you know, the post script of my novel, SNOW PICTURES, includes a few Questions for GOD that the main character compiled during his life. Those of course arose from my own questioning. As a result of several recent conversations, it soon became apparent to me that I am not alone in this – we all seem to have questions for GOD or our personal definition of a higher power. With that realization came an idea for a new project; to ponder and publish (in some form) a collection of Questions for GOD. The conversations about these Questions are not an attempt to define “Truth”. They instead represent the result of observations, both inward and outward, arising from life experience. As such, they are a point of view – no more, no less. 

Due in 2020